Rules for Commenting

1) Don’t try to sell me stuff.

2) Don’t try to convert me.

3) Don’t be transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic, racist, classist, or otherwise dickish.

4) Don’t fat shame, slut shame, age shame, or otherwise project your insecurities.

5) Don’t be a rape apologist, police apologist, religion apologist, just don’t defend assholes.

6) No prohibitionist propaganda. Don’t like it? Don’t smoke it.

7) There was a time when I welcomed debate, but I’m getting too old for that shit. I’m not going to waste time “debating” whether folks deserve basic human rights or not. You either agree with me, or you’re an asshole. Don’t like my posts? Write your own blog.

8) Use of the following words and phrases will result in a swift kick to the taco:
“straw man argument”

“rational debate”


“cultural appropriation”

“everything in moderation”

“moist” *shudder*

“reverse racism”


any and all variations of “fit shaming” or “thin shaming”

“top of the food chain”



“obesity epidemic”

“small changes”

“not all men”

“most cops are good”

any sentence that begins with “the media”

“female privilege”


“it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”

“Bae” *shuddersx4*


“thot” *shuddersx8*

as I’ve yet to meet anyone who used these terms and phrases who wasn’t either a republican fuckwit, MRA fuckbrain, evangelical paleo crossfitter, or a privileged white hipster douchenozzle food snob who thinks they can decide for everyone what minorities should find offensive and is determined to perpetuate the stereotype of the humorless, easily offended, butthurt liberal.


9) Just don’t be a dick. It’s really not that hard! (Gigity)



2 thoughts on “Rules for Commenting

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