30 Day Writing Challenge, Day 9; My Feelings On Ageism

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Day 9; My Feelings On Ageism:

Ageism is a symptom of misogyny.

Botox, wrinkle creams, and “age-defying” cosmetics are never marketed to cis-men, cis-men aren’t told to revive their wives’ interest by getting plastic surgery.

Cis-men are never told they’re “too old” for acting roles.

When cis-men start going gray, they’re described as “distinguished”, while women who go gray are told they’re letting themselves go.

Cis-men aren’t “warned” that their fertility decreases as they age, nor are they denied sterilization on the grounds that they’ll “regret it when they’re older”. They’re trusted with their own reproductive health the day they turn 18, while women/vagina owners must prove our maturity by reaching an arbitrary age, and having birthed at least two youngins.

There’s no such thing as ball-lifting draws for cis-men, but women/folks with breasts are expected to suffer in under-wires for 18+ hours a day, lest we offend with our comfort. Men aren’t told to wear a shirt to the beach after 35, while women are bombarded with “control panels” and swimsuits with enough fabric to cover Texas.

The fuck is that thing?!

The fuck is that thing?!

Cis-men aren’t assigned body types, (apple, pear, kumquat) and instructed to dress themselves accordingly in “age appropriate” attire.

Don’t get me wrong; I work in the beauty industry, I LOVE cosmetics, I keep up with my grays with a sharpie, and I wear sunscreen daily for wrinkle prevention, but I don’t owe beauty and youthfulness to the world, and neither does anyone else. These are things I do for me, and ONLY me.

Shower, brush your teeth, and wear deodorant daily, regardless of gender, but makeup and hair color should be fun, not (wo)mandatory.

On that note, you’re never “too old” for fun colors, cool haircuts, and bold makeup.

unicorn hair

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