Honest Valentines for Those You Tolerate

I’ve made my disdain for this goddess forsaken holiday abundantly clear here, here, and here, so since my mom is always saying be PROactive, not REactive, instead of bemoaning how much today sucks, here’s a collection of Valentines for those you tolerate.

You’re welcome.

grumpy vday 1

grumpy vday 2

grumpy vday 4

grumpy vday 5grumpy vday 6

And for the ones you more than tolerate:

honest vday cards

vday 2

vday 3

And for the REAL cause of celebration:

vday 6 half price candy

Those folks at Hallmark must be kicking their own asses for not hiring me when they had the chance! Too late now, bitches!


One thought on “Honest Valentines for Those You Tolerate

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