Menper Mantrum

New addition to the niktionary; menper mantrum:

A mantrum, a menper mantrum or a hissy fit is an emotional outburst, usually associated with children, that is typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, angry ranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, even hitting.

Yes, I copied and pasted the definition of temper tantrum here as there’s no need to edit in order to insinuate the phrase is used to refer to men’s rights “activists”.

I know this is supposed to be a vegan recipe blog, but there’s such an epidemic of overly sensitive, entitled, butthurt males on the rag filling my news feed with manses glurge, it is my civic duty to pick up where their parents left off.

Jovan Biggers

If you watched trashy talk shows in the 90s, you might have noticed a recurring theme of “bad teens” who entered the stage covered in large flake body glitter, twerking in their draws, and shouting “ANDWHATEVERYOUDONTKNOWMEIDOWHATIWONT!!!”, (don’t get me started on how it was only girls shamed into submission, that’s a post for another day). Their mothers boo-hooed, Sally Maury Jenny called Officer Beulah in to regulate, girls promptly get their shit together.

The reason the girls shut the fuck up for Officer Beulah is because she is the first adult to enforce discipline; they’ve never faced consequences at home, so they’re unsettled and unprepared for how to respond.

That’s what’s wrong with “meninists”; they’re used to being coddled, served, and having their way, so when they’re called out on their entitled prickish behavior, they don’t know how to react. Thanks to the internet, once they’ve faced a consequence for their misogyny, they can go home, set up hundreds of troll accounts (because they’re sure as fuck not busy dating), and sass to their hearts content. Though, I don’t know why they bother; they’re all the same and incapable of original thoughts.


-Every MRA ever

-Every MRA ever.  meme credit; Tasteless Lady 🙂

 mra logic 4

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t bother; the more we anger them, the more time they spend writing “rape” in the comments of feminist posts, the less likely they are to find women willing to carry their spawn, and the sooner they die out.

mra logic 3

This is where I usually break down the fuckery phrase by phrase, but the derp is so heavy I’m gonna have to go with fuckboy translated to English format:

Jovan Biggers

“I’m exploiting the struggles of my foremothers in a vain attempt to shame women into respecting my self given authori-Thai.

I take up much more space than I deserve because my tiny shriveled nutsack should have more rights than women.

As a white, hetero, cis-male, I am determined to win the gold medal at the oppression Olympics.

I brag about how much I’m not offended by anything whilst whining in the comments of anything social justice related about how offended I am that others are offended by something not personally offensive to me because as a special special snowflake, I have the final say on the emotions of others.

I have absolutely nothing going for me as far as looks, intelligence, humor, or wit, and I’m not willing to improve myself, thus my only means of female attention is by harassment.

I can improve my appearance greatly by simply taking a shower and wearing the slacks mom pressed for me instead of holey sweatpants, but I’d rather blame women for my unfuckability.

Thanks to feminism, women are starting to realize they deserve better than an abusive scrub such as myself, and once my mom kicks the bucket, who’s gonna tie my shoes, wipe my ass, and heat my bagel bites?

Grandma bought me a dictionary for Christmas and I’m looking up big fancy words to supplement my meager vocabulary and impress friends I don’t have.

I’m projecting the pain from past rejections onto women by loudly proclaiming I have no respect for them, which is pointless because women who reject me do so because they respect themselves and seek approval from no one.

I am so desperate to be a victim, I make the victimization of others about me.

Why doesn’t anyone acknowledge my precious manfeelz?!”



I don’t even know what the fuck “milk of human kindness” is supposed to mean, but homeboy could use some milk of magnesia to help dislodge the stick from his ass and soothe his burning butthurt.

Stolen from Feminist Atheist

Stolen from Feminist Atheist


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